Museum commissioned reproductions and original sculpture by contemporary artists

Northeast Fine Arts is an American art revival company engaged in the promotion of two lines. First, we partner with leading museums to make best quality reproductions of important sculptures available to the public. Second, we promote contemporary American artists to deepen and enhance our national culture. All work is produced in America by craftspeople committed to the highest quality. Through this project, we make important art more accessible. Because royalties from each sale go to support the artist or the conservation and educational activities of the sponsoring institutions, our customers create new support for the legacies of our featured artists. By connecting museums and artists with the customer, Northeast Fine Arts strives to foster appreciation for, and preservation of, America's understanding of itself. 


Our first museum commissioned artist is Cyrus Dallin in celebration of his 150th birthday. We are pleased to join with the two museums who hold the largest public collections of Cyrus Dallin's works, the Springville Museum of Art founded by Dallin in his birthplace of Springville, Utah, and the Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum in Arlington, Massachusetts, the place where Dallin worked and died, to make available quality bronze castings of selected Dallin works. For more information about Cyrus Dallin's remarkable life and work, please see our Dallin biography. To learn more about the pieces we offer as part of this project, please click to our product page. You can also request a .pdf copy of our Cyrus E. Dallin Source Book at our contact email.  


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Now available

The Protest, 20" Bronze. Edition of 30.

The Triathlete, 36" Bronze.